One Man Americana Folk

Labeling music isn’t a simple task these days. Come to a PT Barton show and you’ll pass through a landscape that includes alternative, folk, americanna, rock, bluegrass and plain spontaneity. And while each performance is different, the energy and love for the music always comes through. Building on a foundation of finger-style and flat-picked guitar, Barton adds vocals, percussion, harmonica, and banjo to create a variety of sounds from his one man act. Creating each sound entirely through live performance makes each song and each show unique.

“For me, the one-man show isn’t what it’s about but it’s something that I started to play around with for fun to create a bigger sound. At first trying to keep track of everything seemed impossible and I thought, ‘Wow, I’m never going to be able to do this.’, but eventually I learned to let go of trying to control things and started to just let the music flow through me… my hands, my feet, my fingers. The music started to develop it’s own life and it opened up a more dynamic sound in the process which was really fun. Now it’s natural for me to get my whole body involved and it’s become part of the storytelling process that I love. I started performing the act at open mic nights and had a great time and the audience seemed to like it, so it began from there and has kept growing ever since.”

These days you can find PT Barton bringing his one-man act to large and small stages around the Northwest. Barton brings a variety of songs and musical styles and tailors each show to match the energy of the venue. “I love playing a small room as much as a larger stage and every show is different, trying to create the right feel and sound for the space. It’s an opportunity to do something unique, entertaining and memorable and that’s what I love.” Be sure to catch PT Barton in 2017 and sign-up for his newsletter and mailing list to keep up-to-date about upcoming shows.

PT Barton is a one man band from Husum, Washington.

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O Fortuna

O Fortuna
I hear you cryin’
And a blackbird’s followin’ me
But my pocket’s got a hole
And a woman got my soul
And she ain’t comin’ back for me
No, she ain’t comin’ back for me


When I Was Gone

The moon is sneaking out tonight
Won’t you come out too
Find me underneath the stars
I crossed the great divide
On a path that leads to you
Under wild, magnificent skies


Three Legged Fox

I am a three legged fox
But I wasn’t always built this way
I was caught in your trap
When darkness fell
And I found another way


Be the change you want to be
Be the light we need to see
Trust your heart and don't hold back
The love you give will make it back
Give more than what is asked of you
Be the kindness and the truth
And more than this I wish for you
Cause it's a good, good life.

A Good Life
by PT Barton



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